Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stress is NOT a good thing for me!

We sold our home in Virginia and moved into an Over 55 apartment.  It was roomy, new, modern, and nice.  Yes, it had some of the apartment issues like thin walls, noise, and congestion.  Yet, I liked it.  Then we decided to move to Florida to be close to our Son, Daughter in Law, and Grandsons.  We bought a house because the monthly cost was much less than the apartments we liked in Florida and there were no seniors apartments in this area.  It was a brand new house and we figured; how many problems can a new house cause?

After two years, we have now found out!  I have written about the termite issues.  But now, we have another issue.   I needed grab bars in the shower.  Actually, I need them everywhere.  In any case, the builder told me he could not add the grab bars to the existing shower and split the cost of replacing that shower with a ceramic tile shower with the grab bars.  It was a beautiful shower and it had only one fault;  It leaked!  I sealed the grout twice to no avail.  Damage was beginning to show in the wall next to the shower so I contacted the builder and he told me I was on my own!  So much for the builder's warranty.

So, I contacted Bath Fitters and had them remove the ceramic tile shower and install their shower.  One piece walls, raised pan, grab bars, beautiful!  We were instructed not to use the shower for 24 hours.  We waited 64 hours before the first use!  And, ,, the shower valve LEAKED!!!  It soaked the wall in the master bedroom and the carpet next to the bathroom wall before we noticed it!! I am overwhelmed!

I have owned a number of homes, almost all of them new.  Each one has it's own issues.  But I have never been treated as badly as D.R. Horton has treated me.  They have not stood behind their product and I have been left to fend for myself.  Since I am very new to the area and have no friends who could or would help me choose the best contractors, I have been subjected to a few unscrupulous contractors like the one who broke my sinks and left.  So, needless to say, I am frustrated with this version of home ownership.

I do not need stress.  That is one of the reasons I retired.  Stress makes my symptoms worse!  I don't want or need to own a home.  What I need is a place that takes care of me!  Not a place that I take care of!  This leak has even caused me to miss our Bible Study at the assisted living facility next to us.  I love that time and those people!  Home ownership is for young people.  Not to mention the cost of these issues.

So, I am waiting for the Bath Fitters folks to come and fix the leak, dry the carpet, and repair what ever needs repaired.    

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  1. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your new home. That sucks!!! You right, you do not need to deal with that stress, you need to be able to relax and unwind. Keep us updated on how this turns out. Hoping for the best for you.