Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More pills for Marcel!

I wrote before about what we thought was a stroke suffered by our miniature poodle.  We took him to our Vet and of course, Marcel the Wonder Dog was just fine.  Just the same, the Vet did some tests and discovered that Marcel may have low thyroid disease.  Today, the Vet did a follow up test and it verified that Marcel is indeed suffering from low thyroid disease, just like me.  So, thyroid disease is genetic!  I have it and so does Marcel.

The Vet told us he will be taking the same drug I do for his hypo-thyroidism.  Same dosage too!  Again, proving the family connection!

OK, I know there is no genetic connection between Marcel the Wonder Dog and I, but am emotionally connected to him and his health impacts me.  It is interesting how connected we are to our pets.  Marcel knows my moods, when I am feeling bad, and when I am happy.  He stays by my side all day and follows me around the house like a puppy!  I log him and want him around for a long time.

So, Marcel will be like me, better living through chemicals!

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  1. "So, thyroid disease is genetic! I have it and so does Marcel."

    Hahaha! That actually made me laugh out loud!