Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Great doctor visit! Imaging that.

The last month or so, my left shoulder has real caused me problems.  Pain that keep me awake or wakes me up and pain causing limits in motion.  My GP, who I really like, sent me to an Ortho Doctor.  I did not know him, since I know very few folks here, so I was apprehensive.  The visit was a pleasant surprise!

First, the staff was friendly, efficient, and caring.  But the Doctor was a breath of fresh air.  He came into the room, introduced himself, asked my if I preferred Donald or Don, and then told me he had been reading up on Lewy Body Dementia and had some questions about how this disease was effecting me.  He asked factual, thoughtful, in depth questions!!  Wow!!  A Doctor who does his homework!!   Let's applaud.

I was really happy to be treated so professionally and with so much actual care.  After he examined me, we discussed our nest step and the possible steps after that.  He talked to me like I was actually intelligent and there!  Some Doctors, once they see my medicine list, discount anything I say or just don't talk "To" me.  This doctor even discussed the effects of General Anesthesia on LBD patients and said he would consult with my Neurologist before any surgery was scheduled!

So, while I complain about Doctors, I always want to let everyone know when I run into a physician that goes above and beyond the call of duty, and this one did.

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