Friday, July 5, 2013

My new chair

We bought me a new recliner that will lift me up when I have problems getting up from a chair.  It is very comfortable, and since it sits higher than most chairs, I can get up easier even without the lift function.  So, I already like it.

The chair is entirely electric!  Recline, decline, lift, everything.  It has a heated seat and back and three speed vibrating.  My constant companion, Marcel, thinks the vibrating function is the chair growling at him.  So, I don't use it.

The electric functions of the chair are slow!  If I am sitting down, with my legs up, and I need to get up, it takes a while!  There are no quick moves.  Someone at the door, they better have patience.  Telephone ringing, Voice mail will get there before me.  I now am in slow motion.

The chair does have an emergency back-up battery in case of a power outage.  Good thing.

There has been a unforeseen benefit.  I get up less so I drink less coffee and get less snacks.  My weight and waist line will appreciate that.  And, since my new GP has already told me I need to loose weight, the chair may be a blessing.

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