Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Asthma attack!

This morning, I was enjoying my typical toast and coffee when I aspirated some toast.   The choking and coughing brought on a serious Asthma attack.  How serious?  No air in!  I could not take a breath because my lungs were blocked by the tubes being in spasm.  I have not had an Asthma attack since I had Bronchitis last winter and ended up in the Emergency Room.  Luckily, my inhaler was close and a few shots of Albuteral and I was breathing again.

I bring this up because aspiration is the number one cause of death in LBD patients according to the LBD Association WEB site.  It is something I am aware of but I eat so fast, from habit, that I often aspirate and choke.  This is the first time that choking has lead to an asthma attack.  I will have to alter my eating habits.  But that will be hard.  The first ship I was on in the Navy had a Mess Decks that seated 45 men,  The Enlisted Crew was 350 and we had 45 minutes for any meal!  You learned to eat fast!

So, that is the latest problem related to the progression of my Lewy Body Dementia.  If you have LBD or are a caregiver for a LBD patient, be on the lookout for this problem.


  1. Back in high school, I witnessed one of my classmates have an asthma attack and I can say that it's one horrible condition to be in. It's a good thing she always have her inhaler close to her. This is also what I'm thankful about your situation; you have your inhaler next to you, so you were able to control the situation immediately. And though this is the first time that choking has led you to an asthma attack, I really hope you would be more careful next time. Leora Yang

  2. I am asthmatic and using Serevent Inhaler Generic because my doctor suggested me this.. It is truly effective and a savior in the true sense. I feel a lot safer carrying it around because I don’t know when I may need it.

  3. Asthma attacks unexpectedly, and there's no way you can let it catch you off guard. Months of no signs of asthma is not a guarantee that you are already okay; you must, still carry with you your medicine. A change of lifestyle and an awareness of what triggers your asthma can help you prevent sudden attacks. Choose to live a healthy lifestyle always.

    -Louisa Coppinger @