Friday, April 19, 2013

Today, I met someone with Lewy Body Dementia!

OK, to you, that may not be a big deal.  To me, it is monumental!!  I have never talked to someone, in person, who had LBD.   I met him at the Sound Side  Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church which has a wonderful community center.  I go there to play Ping Pong with a friend who as Parkinson's.  Ping Pong is fun and good exercise for us.  Most of the exercise is from chasing the ball when we miss, bending over to pick it up, and kneeling down to retrieve the ball from a corner or from under furniture!  We get a great workout!  I really work up a big sweat!

In any case, this gentleman was watching us play and we asked him if he wanted to join in.  He was reticent but we encouraged him to join in the fun and he finally did.  He moved stiffly so I knew he had some issues.  Then, his wife came up and we all began talking.  The topic of my friends and my diseases came up because of the exercise issues.  The wife was amazed that they had met another person with LBD and so was I!

We spent about 15 minutes comparing symptoms ans problems.  We even had fun discussing our hallucinations!    It was fun!  It was exciting, and it was liberating!!   For quite a while, I have felt alone, maybe even freakish, to be the only one with this disease.  Even my GP Doctor did not know about LBD!!  Now, I know another human with this disease.

OK, I can see your eyes rolling back in your head!!  But this is truly a monumental moment for me. Now, If I could just get a blood relative to talk to me!  Oh, well, I can't have everything.

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  1. Oh I am SO excited you met another person with LBD! And I'm a little jealous. I wish Hubby had someone. I hope the two of you will stay in contact. I bet your wife was as happy to meet another spouse!