Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My keeper

My loving wife is My Keeper and she is as dedicated to my well being as she is to our marriage.  I am truly a blessed man!

We had a discussion today on what I am feeling and how I believe I am progressing.  I initiated this discussion and it was very productive for both of us.  If you are a caregiver or someone diagnosed with a Dementia, it will serve both of you well to have these frank discussions.

The point of this discussion from my point was to discuss how I am dealing with the fact that I have LBD.  Seems easy, but you may remember that my Neurologist back in Virginia Beach told me that I had NOT yet dealt with my disease.  At that time I disagreed with her, but now, after dealing more with this issue, I know she was very correct.

In any case, last nights period of "Up Late" was a period of reflection for me and I wanted to let my Wife know the outcome.   You may also remember that I wrote recently that I had had my first hallucination that I thought was real.  I saw my constant companion, my Poodle, scampering out of the master bath i and under our bed.  Then I walked into the living room and saw him sitting next to my wife.  I asked how long he had been there and she said, since I left the couch!  This event came up in our discussion and she said that it was NOT the first time I saw something I thought was real.  It seems I watched a suspicious person in an optometrist office awhile back.  I even told my wife when we got in the car that I was keeping an eye on him.  She told me today, he was not there!  I was watching an empty chair.  I am really glad I did not try to pick a fight with that fellow!  She never told me about that event until today.

My wife also told me she noticed the progression of my dementia and that her goal was to keep me active and engaged in life as much as possible.  She plans outings that interest me and challenge me. For instance, we are going to a local car show next weekend.  Now this is a great sacrifice for my wife.  She is NOT a car nut.  I on the other hand, get very excited around classic cars.  She knows this and uses this event and other things that interest me, to keep me engaged and connected to life.

The point of this post is two fold.  First, as in any relationship, constant, open, truthful, unguarded, two way, communications is paramount to the success of the relationship.  We practice this now and really have over our 40+ years of marriage.  Second, I truly have an amazing wife who is dedicated to my well being.  She monitors everything about my mental and physical health and is proactive in protecting me and my dignity.  And, she knows the score, as my Dad used to say, about my disease and how it will impact my remaining days.  She has her hands full, but she never complains.  Instead, she makes sure the road we face together is as smooth as possible.

Thanks, My Love.


  1. Silverfox,

    My mother has all the symptoms of LBD but hasn't been tested by a neurologist yet. I would like to talk to you some time, maybe, at your convenience?

  2. Your wife is a blessing indeed. I'm very glad that your relationship with her has not diminished in any way despite your condition. Whatever happens later on, I'm sure her love and kindness will make sure you will be loved and taken care of. Take care! I hope your wife also takes care of herself as a caregiver.

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