Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cleaning you attic is important!

Have you cleaned your attic out lately?  Have you shredded the tax returns from 30 years ago or all the checks you ever wrote?  How about those Christmas decorations that went with your silver rotating Christmas Tree?  Or the toys from your Son and Daughter's youth that they don't want now that the are 40 years old?  Or, are you going to leave that mess to your kids and strangers to sort through.

I have written about having your legal affairs in order, but there are house cleaning issues each of us must take care of before we go home.  Leaving this to others is simply wrong.  Our survivors will be upset enough having to deal with our loss and the funeral arraignments.

So, we have started culling old files, tax returns, memorabilia, clothes, and anything else we have not used recently.  Now, we have moved a fair number of times, so we have done this exercise recently, yet my Wife keeps bring out old Day Planners from 1999 and later that She now thinks it would be safe to discard!   Honest, if you need encouragement to get this started, watch a couple issues of "Hoarding"!!  If that does not get you started, you are in need of counseling.

For instance, we have a stash of Christmas, Anniversary, and Birthday cards that we have given each other that dates back to 1973!!!  We have not looked at these cards since they were first given! But, getting rid of them is difficult.   But, we are going to try, soon.

You may be surprised just how big your house is.  And, you just might be able to get your car into the garage!  When is the last time that happened?

Cleaning, culling, and discarding can be good for you and for your living environment.  You may find something you wanted but misplaced long ago.  Maybe even money stuffed in an old Birthday Card!!

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