Saturday, March 30, 2013

What a great day!

We got up at 6AM!  We went to our Church to help set up for a community Easter Egg hunt.  This is a wonderful outreach to our community.  Then, to keep me from being overwhelmed by large crowds, we went home before the children arrived.

Yesterday, we finally found the perfect tool chest for the garage.  I wanted a wide tool chest that provided enough drawers for all my tools, large and small, and a chest that provided a work bench top.  We found it at Home Depot!  It fit in the back of our Forrester and my Son helped me unload it from the car.  Today after setting up for the Easter Egg Hunt, I moved into my new tool chest/  Now, ALL my tools are organized!

Then, I decided to hang my Navy plaques in the garage.  I have a few in my den, but I had quite a few still in boxes in the garage.  Since I have decided we will be living here for a long time, I wanted to get this last bit of unpacking done.  I must admit, this went smoother than I thought, but I did experience some difficulty because I was experiencing arm weakness.  Standing on a ladder, driving dry wall screws into plywood and 2 by 4's gave me some strength issues.  But, it is done also.

Why do I write this diary to you?  Well, for one reason, a good, productive, day is rare for me and I was surprised that I did so much.  Yes, I sweated profusely.  Yes, I only worked about three hours in the garage.  Yes, I took a 4 hour nap after.  Am I now stiff and sore, yes.  Did I agrivate my back, yes.  But it was a good day.

Second, I know that good days are almost always followed by bad days, and even downturns in my mental and physical condition.  So, while I enjoyed this day, I am weary of what tomorrow will bring.  We will see.

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