Saturday, March 23, 2013

Swimming with the Manatees!

We just returned from a marvelous trip to Crystal River, Florida.  We went there specifically to swim with the Manatees!  It was a marvelous experience and I applaud the team that took us from "Crystal River Water Sports".   We actually got to see them up close while we snorkeled!  We took our youngest Grandson and he even got to touch a couple of Manatees.  Yes, one handed touches are legal and believe me the tour guide enforced the rules to protect these endangered giants.  I strongly recommend this experience and the company.

My Wife also got to touch the Manatees and she did very well snorkeling and swimming in open water.  She even got bumped into by a playful Manatee!

I had a great time, but I got so exhausted during our first time in the water that I never got back into the water.  Swimming with swim fins, snorkel gear and trying to swim against a mild current completely wore me out!  I got out of the water winded, weak, and out of breath.  Since the air was cool and the water 72 degrees, I would have been warmer getting back into the water,  We were wearing wets suits that were provided by "Crystal River Water Sports".  But I was so exhausted that I thought it was dangerous for me to try to swim again.

I know this is part of my disease and that is why I am reporting this to you.  Any exertion wears me out very quickly!  I have to be careful and look out for this happens.   The last time I over did it was the day I took the Hurricane Curtains off the windows!  I actually had to sit down before I fell down.  This time I stopped the physical exertion before I was totally spent.  I'm learning.

Another thing I noticed, is that I can only drive for an hour or two before I am very tired and need to stop driving.  I used to be able to drive all day and still be alert and safe.  But, now my wife has to fill in as the primary driver.  I should not complain, I can still drive and I know that privilege is soon to be revoked.

This was a great trip and I recommend YOU take advantage of this experience, soon!  I recommend "Crystal River Water Sports" because they are dedicated to your experience while fully protecting the Manatees!  I also recommend it because it is very seldom you get to interact with 12 foot long, one ton, gentile giants.  GOD's creation n is spectacular and we should take every opportunity to experience it.

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