Monday, March 4, 2013

New Memory drug findings

My neurologist has placed me on the Exelon patch in conjunction with Razadyne and Namenda.  I have read on the Internet that the addition of Exelon actually attacks the effects of dementia in another part of the brain.  I have been on this regimen for about six weeks and I have seen no difference in my memory.  I will continue it because I see no adverse effects.  Now, if I end up with one leg shorter than the other ten years from now, I will know there was an issue.

I now take so many drugs that I get thank you notes from my pharmacist and I was invited to the CVS regional Christmas party last year as the Guest of Honor.   I am sure I am doing more damage to my liver than all the excess alcohol drinking I did earlier in m life.  But, if it extends my ability to operate independently, it will be worth it.

The real point of this post is how I am dealing with the eventual effects of LBD.  My wife told me tonight, for the first time, hat she know I have slipped a cog recently.  That is how we describe my incremental decline.  One cog or one step at a time.  We watched that step by step decline in her Father as he suffered through Alzheimer's.  When he was dealing with his journey, there were no drugs to slow the decline and there was little knowledge about the disease.  He died in 1991.   Now, I am facing the same end of life issues.  Or, better said, my Wife and family are facing the same end of life issues.   Yes, we benefit from medical science and new drugs, but the end product is the same.

I have been having difficulty dealing with this.  First, I realize that I cannot live independently because I cannot manage my meds.  Yes, my wife has done my drugs for a while, but the Exelon patch was the last straw.   But that is just one issue.   My memory has declined and now I don't even remember big issues that bother me unless I am reminded.  I actually have to read my own blog to recall problems or emotions!  We were getting ready for a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  My Wife asked me to give her some of the issues I am dealing with and I did not recall any of them.

These issues coupled with my recent urgent desire to cocoon into a small, all caring, environment with my wife, further illustrate the concern and mental anguish I am facing.  But, the good part is I know I am not facing this alone.  Just the same, I am having problems dealing with this.  I don't think there are any new drugs to deal with this issue.

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