Friday, March 8, 2013

Meetings and schedules cause me stress.

I had a great relationship with my Dad.  I loved him and really enjoyed spending time with him.  As I became an adult and joined the Navy, my Dad enjoyed visiting me and experiencing the Navy through my career.  He was in great physical shape and bowled, shot pool, and drove until he passed away at almost 90.  He bowled in three leagues up to the end and was angry if he did not have a 600 series!  I also remember that the young men in the pool hall would NOT play my Dad for money.  Why, because he beat them more often that not and took their money!!

But there was one thing I did not understand, he did not like to schedule a trip.  He used to say that scheduling the trip made the actual trip anti-climatic!  He would rather get up in the morning and get in the car and GO!   I really did not understand that until now.   Now, I do not like anything scheduled.  I don't like the alarm to be set, an appointed place to be, or to be expected to be anywhere.  Scheduled events cause me to stress and they overload me.  I get tired and overwhelmed when events begin to run together.  Sometimes, I am tired and  I need to sleep.  If I have a scheduled event, I cannot take that nap or sleep in.  And dealing with LBD, I need the freedom to sleep or just relax when I need or want to.

Of course, I still get aggravated over people judging my medical condition when they are not qualified.  And since being involved in organizations puts me in contact with people who feel the need to pass judgement on me, I have decided not to associate with people in anything but a casual environment that I control.  No one is going to put a requirement on me anymore.

So, a almost 62, I have learned again, just how smart my Dad really was!  It's never too late to learn.

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  1. Chief, I found your blog on a search for "Sweepers man you brooms!" Thanks for letting others hear what you're up against and thinking. It is easy to write off people suffering with dementia as having little going on in their minds. It is most helpful to hear your struggles as we run into people going through these things and perhaps outselves if the Lord allows.

    I read your blogs about our common faith and love your heart for the Lord. He did not escape the pain leading to death and neither will some of his own.

    I lead a nonprofit dedicated to connecting Christ-centered churches to serve the community via construction tools as a way to love our neighbor. Our greatest privilege is to explain why we do this: not to earn God's favor, but to say, "Thank you." to Him for the favor bought by His son. We are Home Repairs Ministries www.homerepairs._ _ _ (organization)

    1970-72 found me an EN3 on the Arnold J. Isbell (DD869). This past weekend I stepped aboard a Gearing Class museum ship, USS Laffey (DD724) at Patriot's Point in Charleston, SC. It was the first time in 40 years, and my wife finally got to see one inside and out. Until she saw the racks & lockers, aft engine room where I stood 4&8's on throttles for many months in WESTPAC gunline service, the emergency diesel at my General Quarters Station, the mess deck, fantail, and where I had found a place to meet with the Lord in the Captain's gig outboard in the davits as I started the engine several days a week, etc., she really didn't understand explanations. It was surreal with so many intervening years. You and I were born in the same year.

    May God bless you and give you a mighty measure of grace as you transition to His presence (as we all are unless He comes first). Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, bro. HarveyA@HomeRepairs._ _ _ (as above)