Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another visit to my Psychiatrist today

I had a scheduled visit with my Psychiatrist today.  He specializes in folks with dementia and is particularly specialized in Lewy Body Dementia.  He helps me manage the effects of my many drugs.  Today, we talked about my recent revelation that I could not live alone anymore.  I told him that this had upset me.  His reply was, you guessed it; " That's normal and I was expecting it!"  What's with these neurologists and psychiatrists, the never tell you what is going to happen, just what they expected after YOU have the issue!!

Just the same, it was reassuring that I was normal.  He said my being upset over this new found, for me, fact showed that I am still cognizant of my humanity.  OK, I guess I can see that.  He then told me that I could never live alone again!

His closing question was, how old are you?  I said after some thought, 61.  He said, you are still OK.  I guess as long as I know how old I am, my mind is not that far gone.  But, it did take a minute for me to figure it out.   We also discussed my hallucinations and my confusion in the dark when we go to bed.  Again, he said as long as I know where the bathroom is, I am OK..  I guess that is a major issue.  It would be bad if I got up and urinated on the Big Screen TV!

You have to find humor in this.  I see things that are not there, I am disoriented in my own bedroom, and I cannot manage the basics of life so I can't live alone.  But, I know my age so I am OK.   This is a great disease!  But if I extrapolate that premise, when I am peeing on the Big Screen, frightened by my hallucinations, and drooling on my shirt, I probably won't know what my age is.  Good!  I got it. Maybe I should open an office to help LBD sufferers navigate this disease.  Probably not, I would forget where the office is.  Smile!

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