Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You're not sick, you look normal!

We moved to Florida 16 months ago and getting accustomed to this area has been a problem for me.  We have a Church we attend and I really don't feel comfortable there.  I have problems relating to strangers and I feel overwhelmed every week in Church.  But my wife is enjoying meeting some of the ladies so it is good.

I used to be an extravert!  An extreme extravert!!  Now, I am much more reclusive and introverted.  I joined the Gideon's and tried to break into that group, but I don't fit.  I tried to volunteer at the USS Alabama Memorial, but it is too far away for me to go alone and they won't let me work on weekends.  Also, I was physically exhausted after a few hours of accessing the turrets.  So that is out too.

One of my big issues is that people tell my wife, I am not sick!  How the hell do they know?!  They did not know me before 16 months ago.  They did not know me when I was in my prime, when I had almost total recall of everything I read or heard!  Now, I have difficulty reading, because the words don't make sense, I don't remember what I read.  Yet, some judgmental idiot tells my wife, who knows better than I how much I have changed and gone down hill, that I am not sick with LBD!  Frankly, I am fed up with people and with people who don't know me or what Lewy Body Dementia is.

The woman that told my wife I was a fake, has a husband who has Parkinson's.  He recently had the brain implant to control his tremors and t worked well.  But she has no idea what we are going through and I am through trying to educate closed minded idiots.

So, I remain lonely, without anyone to talk Navy with or a ministry to work in.  It is my opinion that Florida, at least Northwest Florida, is filled with self centered, ignorant,  know it alls, and I don't like them.   I will just stay home and watch the Western Channel.

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