Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trying to plan for the future

While I have memory issues, hallucinations, difficulties reading, finding the right word to call things, and muscle rigidity, my emotional stability is probably the problem I struggle with the most. I try to hide my emotions, especially my anger.  I see things happening in the country economically and politically that I know are wrong, and I also know that I cannot do anything about them.  That is frustrating to me.  I suppose all of your suffer from the same issues.  So, maybe I should just shut up and forget about it.

On to the topic.  We looked at a retirement community in Mobile Alabama yesterday.  It is an exceptionally nice community with every amenity you could want.  The food was wonderful and we were impressed with the apartments.   The facility has an attached Assisted Living component and a Memory Support unit.  So it was truly a age in place community.   Additionally, they did not want any up front investment.  However, the monthly cost was higher than we want to pay right now.   Just the same, I felt at ease, comfortable, and safe in the facility.  To have a staff that looks out for any eventuality of my LBD is very reassuring to me.

Now, as much as I would like that environment, it would not be good for my wife.  She is still very independent, active, and  adventurous.  The thought of everything being taken care of by someone else is frightening to her.  I understand that.  So, for the time being, we will maintain the status quo.  But, we do feel we need to look at facilities for future planning.  And, while I am on the waiting list for the Armed Forces Retirement Home, that facility only takes care of me and makes no accommodations for her.  I need to find a facility where we can continue to live together and still meet my needs as they progress.

Like I said in the beginning, my symptoms are getting worse, but I am still able to reason things through most of the time, and while I am still able, I will try to plan for the future.  But, much like my political anger trying to plan for the future for both of us causes me to have emotional confusions and angst.   I guess that is just part of the process.

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