Friday, February 22, 2013

Time passes too fast

I just noticed that I have not posted for a week!  I really cannot tell you where this week has gone or what I did.  I do remember that a friend of mine passed away.  He was a Brother in Christ and a Navy Shipmate.  His wife passed away a few years ago and now he has joined her.  Those events always make me think and reflect on the past.

We also continue to try to find the path to our future.  Where we will live and what that will look like.  Linda and I have an appointment to look at a retirement facility in nearby Mobile, Alabama on Monday.  It is an expedition into the unknown but we are looking forward too it.  The facility we are looking at is a continuing care facility with facilities for assisted living and memory care.

Yes, I am on the list for admission into the Armed Forces Retirement Home, and that may well be where I end up, but I must explore every possibility.  I owe that to Linda and myself.

My progress seems to be the same.  The neurologist was right, I am experiencing more of the Parkinson issues of Lewy Body Dementia.  Up until now, I have had some issues but they have been mostly manageable.  Since I have a relatively high threshold of pain.  So the muscle pains up to now had been tolerable.  But now the pain, especially in the evening, is becoming more difficult to deal with.  Because of the prescription meds I take for my memory, I cannot take aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other NSAID.  So, right now, if the Sinemet does not work or works slow, I hurt.  Also, balance issues are beginning to get more pronounced.  I really need to use my cane all the time.  But, I either forget it or my pride gets in the way of my better judgement.  I guess I will wait until I fall and hurt myself before I use my cane all the time.

Other Blogs on Lewy Body Dementia record the struggles of my fellow sufferers.  Many of them have had Parkinson issues since the beginning.  I was fortunately spared that suffering until now so I won't complain.  Honest.

One other point.  I have a Pastor friend who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.  He showed some of the symptoms earlier but we chalked it up to ageing.   You know the symptoms, confusion, short term memory issues, trouble reading.  He is now having difficulties and I emphasize for him and his wife.  And dementia is a difficult disease to deal with for the sufferer and the spouse.   But this friend, a life long Pastor, still fulfills all the duties that he can in His Church and family.  It hurts me to see him suffer.  And maybe, since I walk dow a similar path as him, I feel just as connected to his suffering as his family does.

So, I ask all of you to visit someone that you know who is suffering with a memory issue and just be there for them.  It really helps.  I know.

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