Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Veteran's Administration has abandoned me!

I have received the final decision from the Veteran's Administration telling me they are denying my claim that my Lewy Body Dementia, (formally called Parkinson's with dementia) was not caused by my contact with the chemicals in the hydraulic fluid used in gun mounts and missile launchers through out my 20+ year Navy career.  Not to mention that the VA agrees that the chemical in Mil-F-17111 is carcinogenic and neurotoxic and that I was exposed to this chemical.  Seems wrong doesn't it.

So, you might say, contact your Congressman.  Good idea and I did.  When we lived in Virginia, I contacted and provided Congressman Ridgell's staff all the information they required to help with my claim.  To their credit, they tried and failed.  When I moved to Florida, I contacted Congressman Miller's staff.  I provided them the information they asked for and they treated me with disdain and did nothing for me.  So, I can pretty much say that my Congressman is not interested in helping me.

If I were an illegal alien, a welfare mother with a passel of illegitimate kids, a union member, or some other miscreant that did nothing to serve this country, I would have a free smart phone, free food, paid for housing, free medical, and a free pass when  mess up.  But, I am one of the many who worked for what I have, donated to those who needed help, served in the Military when we were making less than $120 per month, and lived within my means!   I am injured, terminally, by my service to the country, and I a thrown aside because some bureaucrat in the VA does not think my disease was caused by a chemical they have agreed causes my disease!

So, you can see where I might be just a little upset.  And I am!

And yes, I could get an attorney and take them to court.  But I cannot afford that!  I have financial responsibilities to my family and my wife after I succumb to my disease.

So, I have decided to never mention this topic again.  I have put the VA behind me just as they have cast me aside.  I have other things to do at this moment.

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  1. Very sad to hear this but not surprised. My dad is currently fighting a similar battle. We are still trying to get the VA to diagnose LBD - the first, non-VA neuro told us he has PTSD. He's 88; seems like the PTSD would have shown up long before now. Hang in there. It is easy to let the anger eat you up - though I am having a hard time pushing mine down.