Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shocking revelation!

We took a nap this afternoon.  That's not new.  But, as I was going to sleep, a thought came into my mind that upset me greatly!  For the first time I realized that I no longer can live independently.  I cannot manage my prescriptions and there is one drug I cannot even administer!   That fact escaped me until now.  I have always took pride in my independence.   And I knew someday, I would loose my driving privileges and that would be difficult.  But this is a much worse blow to my psych.

I have written before about a statement my neurologist made back in Virginia Beach.  She said I had not yet dealt with the impact of my disease.  She was right then, but I thought I had finally dealt with my LBD until now.  But another lead boot has hit the floor!

We spent yesterday looking at a Continuing Care Facility that had independent living, assisted Living and Memory support capabilities.  The facility knew of my diagnosis and still wanted to have me as a resident.  That alone is rare.  Numerous facilities in the Continuing Care discipline reject people diagnosed with dementia.   But, we decided not to move to that facility and to instead, continue to live in our home.

I have often told folks that show sympathy to me about my disease that LBD is a better disease to get than some others.  Why, because I forget what bothers me.  Now, I am not so sure that is correct.

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