Friday, February 15, 2013

I love GOD'S creation

My last two posts were pretty angry.  That's because I was pretty angry!  But, yesterday we had our middle Grandson with us and it was wonderful.  We had dinner together, we made home made hamburgers on the grill!  My Grandson and I cooked the burgers and as I got the grill ready I noticed that a family of small Florida frogs had set up housekeeping in the covered compartment under my grill where the gas bottle sets.  As I opened the door, two small frogs jumped out and then quickly jumped back in!  It was wonderful to see.  GOD makes a way for His creation to survive and excel.  Here it is February and I am watching frogs.  Now, I will be honest, in June, the frogs are so loud at night you can't sleep, even with the AC on!  But still, seeing the frogs, the dogwoods blooming, the sun, the frequent rain storms, all tell me that GOD is in charge!

That one thought will keep me going.

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