Saturday, February 9, 2013


My neurologist, GP, and my wife all agree that exercise is good for me.  I also agree but I normally don't want to exercise anymore.  There was a time that exercise was an important part of my daily routine.   Back when I thought there was a chance I would be recalled to active duty.  Now, I know there is no hope of that.   Just the same, exercise has been reinserted into my routine.

My wife loves to walk and walking is her preferred exercise.  She has enlisted me into her fitness brigade and I must admit I love it.  We have established a 3.5 mile course, through neighborhoods that are close to us.  Our goal is to complete this course in one hour!

Since I have been having pain issues with my legs related to my LBD I wondered what effect walking for 3.5 miles would have.  Well, I can report there is no impact on my leg muscles, positive or negative.   I do notice that I feel better in general.  I have more energy and I seem to be sleeping better.  So, walking is good.

There is an even better impact of walking with your wife.  Together time!  We talk about everything with nothing to interrupt us.  No phone, no telephone, no one knocking at the door, no email, nothing but us.  So walking has many positive results that I am glad to experience.

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