Wednesday, February 13, 2013

At what point in time do I get to hit back?!

This is a continuation of my last posting because I am steaming right now.   Many people have questioned my illness.  I guess if I was drooling on my shirt and peeing in my pants, they might begin to believe in my diagnosis.  By the way, I do both of these sometimes!  But I take these unfounded criticisms quietly. but no more!

I have decided that being nice to doctors, strangers, and people in general, is not worth the frustration I experience.  So, either keep your mouth shut about my disease or be prepared for a class "A" ass chewing from this old retired Master Chief Gunner's Mate!   I am fed up with uninformed peoples attitudes and comments about how I look or what they think isn't wrong with me.

These people should be happy I don't comment on what I think is wrong with them.  For instance, old women, who look old, sagging, and fat, with their died hair and fancy make up and nails.  Oh, and their pedicures on those fat, smelly, feet.  How self centered.  It is like putting lipstick on a pig!  You are old, lady!  You look like a clown!  Or men, old men, with long lair!  Grow up and get a haircut old man!  Or young people who all look alike and talk alike in a attempt to show their individuality.  Really?!  Do something original, like clean your too, help your parents, and get good grades!

I am sick of people, sick of their attitudes and judgements without facts, and sick of putting up with your bullshit.  Leave me alone and I will do the same.  Step on my toes and I will break your nose!

Enough said.

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