Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another memory development

We were out early this morning running errands and keeping an appointment with our CPA.  When we returned my wife was in the backyard cleaning up after our poodle.  I was piddling around and I settled on the back steps watching her do her pick up.  A question popped into my mind; "Who's house is this?"  Now I had the answer quickly, but for that brief moment, I really did not know where we were or who owned the house I was standing in, or in this case, on the back steps of.

Now, it was a brief moment of confusion, but it was there and it is happening, in different venues, more and more.  Like at night when we go to bed and in our extremely dark bedroom, I cannot remember where the bathroom is or the exit door.  That issues seems to last longer and one night I almost woke my wife up to get the answer.  But again, it passed and I was able to figure it out.

I know my neurologist told us he believed the Parkinson's part of my LBD would really start to effect me in the near future.  And he is right.  My stiffness and balance are both getting worse.  But I see my mental function going down hill at a rate faster than I thought.  But, that is the interesting part of this disease, it is unpredictable!  I have been on a fairly even keel for the last year or so but now I see evidence of a period of marked decline.

Since this blog is meant to be a journal of my disease and how I am dealing with it and a means of keeping anyone interested in LBD informed, I continue to write about what is happening and how I handle it.  I must admit, the recent changes have been a hit to my normally positive approach to life. But, I will hang in there.  More later.

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