Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Veteran's Administration

I filed a claim with the Veteran's Administration over my LBD a long time ago.  AS I have written before, I believe my exposure to the fire retardant chemical in the hydraulic fluid used in the gun mounts I worked in for over 20 years was a contributing factor to my LBD.  In 1989, the year I retired from active duty, the Navy publicly stated in 1989 that that chemical was carcinogenic and neurotoxic.

In any case, I had an appointment at the Veteran's Administration health facility in Pensacola Florida today.  First of all, I must commend the VA for an exceptional medical appointment.   I was treated with respect, and a very caring attitude.  I was impressed!

But, my issue is still the fact that the VA has moved at a snails pace on my appeal.  It has been over 5 years since I filed this claim.  I have done everything the VA has asked.  I was seen by a VA contract neurologist in Virginia Beach years ago.  The VA has had access to all of my medical records and testing since the beginning.  I know they have everything, I saw my record today.  It is three inches thick!!

The VA doctor who saw me today, and treated me so well, said this would be all the information they would need to make their decision.  Did I tell you she spent over an hour with me doing various tests and observations!   Again, I am impressed.

So, now I wait for their decision.  I will accept the VA decision regardless of what it is.  All I want is a decision.  Five years is long ago to wait.

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