Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Testing results!

Today, I had an appointment with my neurologist to discuss the recent tests he had done.  First the Cognitive Skills Test.  I went down is a couple of new areas.  As he said, my memory is shot.  I knew that.  The tests of the nerves and muscles in my legs was all normal.  So, he agrees the pain in my legs is from the Parkinson's portion of the Lewy Body Dementia.  I knew that too.  He told us the Parkinson's was now coming on quickly.  I really don't know how he knows that, but it is what he said.  One interesting test in the Cognitive Skills test is one where you tap the space bar on a computer as fast as you can for one minute.  You accomplish this test with both hands.  My scores have dropped 50% from last year.  He said this proves my mind is slowing down.  OK, I knew that too.

However, I was not prepared to deal with the Parkinson's portion of this LBD challenge right now.  As a matter of fact, I really did not want to deal with that part.  But, it seems will have too.  I have difficulty getting off the couch and my legs hurt almost constantly from the muscle pain.  I am getting more unsteady on my feet and I have difficulty starting to walk after I sit for a while, like in the car.  So, he may be right.   He wants to put me on Sinemet and I agreed as long as I tolerate it.   Again, we will see.  He also prescribed an Excelon patch to use in addition to my Razadyne and Namenda pills.  He hopes this may help my memory.  We will see.

So, this was a good visit and I felt he was actually engaged with us in the conversation.  I will see how the new meds do and I will keep trying to be positive.  At least the tests bear out what I am feeling.  That makes me feel vindicated.  For a change, during this appointment, I did not feel like I was being called a liar or a malingerer.  He really treated me like I was dealing with health issues.

More later, I need a nap.

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