Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More tests!

You know how much I love neurologists!  And I am sure you know how much I appreciate them questioning my Dx, which was from another Neurologist and confirmed by a research hospital neurologist!  Well, my neurologist in Florida had order more off the wall tests than anyone before him.  Today, I had a nerve test done in my legs to see if they work good.  The Technician asked me if I knew why my neurologist wanted these tests.  My reply was; "He needs one more test to get a set of steak knives!"  That must be the reason.   I am not diabetic, by instability comes from the muscles fighting each other in my legs.  It is a classic LBD symptom.  You know, LBD equals Parkinson's and Alzheimer's combined.  Hey Doc, read the pamphlet!!

We have decided we will no longer use a neurologist.  Just my GP.  He can prescribe what I am taking and since there is nothing new to be done, I can save Blue Cross a ton of money by cutting out the middle man!  I am sick of medical tests.  I know I said that before, because I looked back in the posts.  I ave to remember, no more tests!  I think he takes advantage of my poor memory and orders more tests.  At least, that's how I remember it.

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