Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New neurologist blues.

Since we moved to Florida, one of the frustrations has been establishing a relationship with a new group of doctors.  The Family Practitioner is wonderful.  Not as good as my Family Doctor, Bob Dowdy, in Virginia Beach, but a good substitute.   But getting used to my Neurologist is a real challenge.

By definition, Neurologists have the bedside manner of a rattlesnake!  They are full of themselves, self absorbed, and self-proclaimed Know-it-alls.  Every time I have to go to a new Neurologist, I spend the first year of appointments trying to convince this doctor that the other doctors were correct and I DO have LBD!!  Each self-absorbed doctor thinks everyone else is wrong and only they can properly diagnose any neurological disease.   And each time, the new neurologist comes to the same conclusion, at my expense.   Even the neurologists at UVA who were tasked to provide a second opinion by my Neurologist in Virginia Beach.  Actually, that one event may have been the most trying for me.

This Neurologist is the same as all the rest.  He treats me as if I am malingering or lying!   As my wife and I describe problems and issues that have occurred since my last visit, he tries to tell me they are not related to my disease and trivializes my problems!  Truthfully, I am fed up with the drill and I am tempted to tell him and his profession to take a long walk off a short pier!  However, my wife has convinced me to hang in there a little while longer.  But one more curt answer and he is out of here!

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