Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012, the year in review

This has been a very eventful year!   But you already know that.  It has also been a very emotional year for you and me.  You have seen me meltdown on this blog over the outcome of the Presidential election and have read about how LBD has effected me.  You also know that we moved to Florida at the end of 2011.  That transition has been difficult for me and the year of 2012 has had it's ups and downs as a result of that move.

Today is Christmas day.  My Pastor called me and I really enjoyed that call.  Pastor Fred is a mentor and friend to me.  He took me from an AWANA leader and Sunday School teacher to a Pulpit Preaching Pastor.  I miss Fred, my Church family at Grace Community Church in Virginia Beach, and that entire part of my life.  Yes, leaving my Navy family has been hard and they are not replaceable.  But, I miss my Church and all of the wonderful people there even more.  And, as I have found out, they are not replaceable either!

Florida has been good for me in many ways.  I truly needed to build an adult relationship with my son.  He moved to New York state not long after he was married and we just never had the time together to build that relationship.  Him and I being together, without kids or wives, is special.  We can discuss "Man" issues and help each other through the problems of daily life.  That can't be done  600 miles away or during a few visits a year.  James and I have re bonded and now have a much stronger relationship.  I have also been able to reconnect with two of my Grandsons.  They are in the middle teen years and, in both cases,  Linda and I are having a real influence in their lives.  This time is precious for them and for us.

I would not give this time with my family up for all the money in the world.  It is a precious gift from GOD.  But I still long for the times, back in Virginia Beach, with my Church family and my shipmates.  Definitely, there is a hole in my soul that will never be filled because we are no longer together.  I never thought I would leave Virginia.  GOD does work in mysterious ways.  HE also works for our good.  I will never forget that!

Merry Christmas.

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