Saturday, October 6, 2012

What spins your clock?

Even with the effects of LBD, there are things that I still get excited about.  For instance, I love cars!  Old cars, new cars, Hot Rods, Race Cars, and especially Corvettes!   I like to go to car shows, car dealers, and I love to watch Barrett-Jackson car auctions on the SPEED Channel.  When the Scottsdale auction is on in January, I watch all 6 days of the event!   I would love to go the Scottsdale and see the event in person!  Cars are one of the things that still spin my clock.

The second thing that excites me is guns.  The BIG guns of a World War Two Battleship, my ever favorite, MK 42 5"/54 rapid fire gun mounts, .50 caliber machine guns, and all rifles and pistols.  I love to shoot any rifle or pistol, of any caliber.  I love to teach individuals how to shoot and how to be accurate.  I have taught many men,  women, and children to love the shooting sports.  One of the young men I helped start in the shooting sports has won about every competition in defensive pistol shooting!  I had a had in starting him, but it was his skills that lead him to the championships!  But, shooting spins my clock!

Another endeavor that gives me great joy is serving Jesus Christ.  AS you may know, for a brief and very fulfilling time, I was an ordained Lay Pastor.  I am not highly educated in Theology, but I have a heart for the Lord and I want everyone to know about Jesus Christ and what HE did for me and what HE can do for you.  I dearly enjoy preaching GOD's Word and witnessing to anyone who will listen.

I bring these three important things that I find enjoyable up because, they are what keeps me going and keeps me positive through this journey.  I know I will not be able to do all or any of these things in the future, but right now, I cling to them with all my might.  They keep me on this side of the disease and that is where I intend to stay as long as GOD wants me to.

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