Wednesday, October 10, 2012

True tough guys

I lost a friend this week.  He was a wonderful person.  Humorous, intelligent,  generous, caring, and TOUGH!  He was really tough.  He suffered through kidney cancer, loosing one kidney and then the other along with his bladder and all connecting plumbing.  Yet, through all of his journey he maintained his independence and his drive to be as upbeat as possible.  I actually heard him complain more about the Steelers loosing than his medical condition.  He hated to ask for help even though his many friends loved to help him.  He knew that his condition would cause him to die yet he never gave in or quit.  As a matter of fact, he worked, without kidneys or a bladder until just a few months ago.  But now, he is at rest and his journey is done.

Barry was an example for anyone to follow whether you have a hang nail or cancer!  I have said that getting old is not for wimps!  And my Dad used to say, youth is wasted on the young.   But true TOUGH guys don't let the difficulties of life get them down.  They look for the good parts of life and see the positive things around them.  That is what Barry taught us in how he lived life and how he faced death.   Great lessons like that are only taught by great individuals.  We should listen to them more and complain about our conditions less.

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