Saturday, September 8, 2012

My first outing with my walker

Today, my wife, my son's Sister in Law, and myself took a very informative walking tour of the historic district of Pensacola.  Since we moved to Florida, we have been trying to acclimate and my wife thought this was a good opportunity to learn more about Pensacola's history.  The tour was two hours long and conducted by a History Professor from a local college with 50 years teaching experience.  He was marvelously entertaining and very informed.  It was naturally hot our and very humid, but this is East LA!

But, I am sure you really want to know how I did with my wheeled walker.  I believe the correct name for my device is rotalator.  In any case, it and I did very well.  I purchased a model with eight inch wheels and it handled the bumps, cracks, and sidewalk debris without a hitch.  But the best part was the seat!!  Other people in the tour, those not needing the assistance of a device like mine, were envious.  At every stop on the tour, I had an instant, comfortable seat, and I used it!  This kept me from getting too tired.

One of my issues is stamina.  I get tired quickly when I am out walking or doing something.  My cane helps me keep stable, but a long walk, or in this case, tour, makes me tired.  Without a place to sit down, I am in trouble.  So, I  normally avoid this type of event.  Now with the walker, I will be able to go more places.

In the past, I would have been embarrassed to use such a device, but now, I use what works.  The heck with appearances, and I recommend one for anyone with issues like mine.  You have a choice;  You can either stay home, fall down, or use a device that works for you!  And like I said, I was the envy of 50 people.  So, I would say my first outing was a success!

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