Friday, September 7, 2012

Leg pain is back in spades!!

When I was first diagnosed, like so many of you, my neurologist and my GP both thought I had Parkinson's Disease.  But I had memory issues that predated the problems with my stiffness and stability issues,  So she went deeper and after extensive testing, determined I had LBD.  My leg and arm stiffness was an issue and I was prescribed Requip which I have terrible issues with and then Sinemet.  I took the Sinemet for about two years until the nausea became too much for me to deal with.  I told my neurologist I would rather put up with the stiffness than the nausea.  So, for about two years, I have been off and Parkinson's meds concentrating only on my memory issues and tolerating the stiffness.

Well, I believe, no I know the time has come to restart the Parkinson's medicines.  The pain in my legs. lower back, and arms, has become constant and is increasing in intensity.  Also, my instability has increased.  Tomorrow we plan to attend a History walk of Pensacola.  It is scheduled to last two hours and for the first time, I am taking my wheeled walker.  So, I am going to ask my neurologist for a recommendation on a medicine to reduce this pain and rigidity.

So again, things progress.


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