Monday, September 3, 2012

Giving up!

Those of you who fight the daily fight with LBD know what I am about to say.  The rest of you are cringing in your boots for fear of what I am going to say.

Everyday, those of us afflicted with LBD choose to fight the fight.  To get out of bed, eat, deal with our digestive systems, walk, interact with other people, and do the things that those without LBD do.  We have to make this conscience choice because there comes a time that it is easier to say NO!  That's right, NO I won't do it anymore.

I suffer from this problem from time to time.  Not because I have progressed so far down the LBD road, but because I sometime fail to see the reason to keep up the fight.  Sometimes it seems futile.  I can't do what I once could.   I don't remember what I once knew.  I don't want to do the things I once did.

The other issue is family, friends, others, don't seem to understand the frustration I face, the effort I expend, to look "normal" to them, to function in their world.  Everyone wants everything to be as it was but I know it can't and never will be.  Many times they get frustrated at me because I am not interested in the things of life.  So, I try to put on a brave face and go about doing things I am not interested in. It is futility.

So, a constant dance goes on in the life of the LBD sufferer and the LBD caregivers and loved ones.  Sometimes one of us gets frustrated and feelings get bruised, other times the facade holds.  It is a constant dance.

One thing I have learned that helps me it to have a mental mission to keep mentally and physically for.  No, I am not just talking military mission but things we plan or desire to do that will require me to be in good spirits.  For instance, my favorite ship, the USS Caron (DD 970) is having a reunion in Washington D.C. in October 2013.  I will be there if I have to take a Greyhound bus!!  That event keeps me trying to maintain or even get stronger, more mobile, and mentally more connected!  I want to see my shipmates one more time.

So, when you LBD sufferer seems out of sort, uninterested in life, or seems to just want to give up, give him some room and some time to gain control of these emotions.  If you can, help you LBD sufferer find that special mission to focus on.  However, pushing him or her will only exacerbate the problem and may cause a blow up that both of you will regret.  It's just the way it is!

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