Friday, August 3, 2012

The Stress test, without results.

I hate to keep you waiting, but I do not know how well or bad I did on the nuclear stress test.  Back in the Navy, when we had our nuclear stress tests, call Nuclear Technical Proficiency Inspection, (NTPI) we knew immediately how well we did.  For instance if the Weapons Officer and the ASW Officer were immediately fired, we knew we did bad!  And if the Captain was smiling, we knew we did well.  But, those who administer this test have the ability to tell you nothing!  No matter how much you plead.

How do I think I did?  OK.  It took three levels of incline and speed to get my heart to the target heart rate.  My blood pressure at that point was 140/80.  My target pulse was 136.  I had no chest pain and I could still breath.  Additionally, the nurses and technicians did not stop the test abruptly and throw me on the gurney and I was permitted to go home.  So, nothing can be too wrong.  Or can it?

When the doctor tells me, I will tell all of you.  Until then, we are in the dark.  The symptoms that started this testing are still there, and they may always be.  If this is from my LBD, I guess I will have to live with it.  Again, I await my doctor's call.  Maybe Monday.

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