Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stress tests results and other issues that are resolved.

Well, I finally received a telephone call from my GP about the nuclear stress test I took 13 days ago!  I had determined that I was OK when they permitted me to leave the hospital after the test!  No ambulance, no chest scars, no IV, just me walking out.  So, I figured I was OK.  However, 13 days is a long time to wait for test results that could have foretold of big issues.  But, I should be happy that I am fine and I am.

Second, My left thumb developed a click every time I move the end of my thumb.  The pain began to increase so I went to my GP and he sent me to a "Hand" specialist.  This specialist was wonderful.  His office x-rayed my hand, the Doctor looked at my hand and told me it was a tendon issue that may be cured with a cortisone injection.  AS he said, he gave me three chances to run away from the "shot", but I stayed and received the treatment.  I am glad to say my thumb is feeling better.  I hope it stays that was, surgery is not in my health care plan.  I told you all before, no more tests.  Well, the nuclear stress test was out of my control, but no surgery except life threatening situations.

On the disease front, my wife believes my hallucinations have increased.  I agree.  Nothing frightening, just strange things like birds flying through the living room, the feel of someone moving across the bed, and my usual small mammals running around on the floor.  I continue to get tired easily and sweat profusely at the least little exertion.  Maybe a little more exasperation with the world around me, but that may be related to the political season.  Or maybe not.  I guess I will know in November.

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