Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seeing things that aren't there.

I have had hallucinations for quite a while.  Some of them are fairly benign.  For instance, a small rodent running across the floor, movement out of the corner of my eye, or a dog going into a room when my dog is laying next to me.  I have seen people, but not as ofter.  Once, in my bedroom, I saw two girls sitting on a bench against the bedroom wall at the foot of the bed.  They were dressed in white old style dresses.  None of these hallucinations frighten me because I know, for now, that they are not real.  Last night, I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and for some reason, I saw my foot and that startled me!  I guess I did not expect my foot to be there.

One point of interest, the vast majority of my hallucinations are in the evening or night.  I credit this to the effects of  my "Sun Downing".

I also have touch and auditory hallucinations.  Many times I have the feeling of someone moving on the bed when I am the only person on the bed.  That happened today when I took my afternoon nap.  I have also experienced a human touch on my shoulder when no one was in the room except me.  I hear my wife's voice when she is not talking or not even in the room.  Many times, I have gone and found her in another room and ask if she called.

Again, all of these issues are normal for someone with LBD. My wife has grown to accept them and my reaction to them.  While I don't tell her about everyone, I tell her about new ones or nights when the visions are particularly plentiful.  I also know, someday, I will not deal with these issues as logical as I do now.  But, for now, they are just entertainment.

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