Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nuclear Stress Test!

OK, That sounds like they are going to blow something up and see if something else can stand the blast!!  And I guess that is exactly what they are going to do to me tomorrow morning.

I got the call today and was scheduled for my stress test tomorrow morning.  There was an opening for tomorrow and I decided to take it.  Why wait, jump in and test the water.  But, I will be truthful with you and tell you I am apprehensive about this test.  I am still pretty tough and I can take a fair amount of pain.   When I had half of my colon removed, I did not take the any meds prescribed for me and I got off the pain pump in the hospital quick.  I don't like narcotic pain meds and will do just about anything to stay away from them.  But Dentists and heart tests still terrify me!

Since I have had these sweating, shortness of breath, and low energy issues I have been concerned about my heart but I was also told that my symptoms were probably related to my LBD.  Also, based on what I have read about LBD on WebMD and the Lewy Body Dementia Association site, I was pretty confident it was the LBD.  But, when my GP did the EKG and he and his Cardiologist friend decided I needed a stress test, I began to worry.  He told me there was a minor change from my last EKG that caused them to be cautious.

So, tomorrow morning at 8AM, they will pump me full of isotopes and make me walk for a while.  Hopefully, I will get to leave after that.  But there is the outside chance they will keep me for further treatment.  Eleven years ago, I had this test and I failed!  That lead to a heart catherization which came out fine.  But, signing the permission forms for that catherization was frightening!!  I had to sign a form for the catherization, a form for a stint procedure and a form for open heart surgery!  I asked the Doctor when the open heart surgery would happen and he said; "Right then!"  That scared me to the point of passing out!  They might be cracking me open like a crab!!  Not a comfortable mental picture for me.  Now, I am facing tha again, with even more symptoms, and I am not comfortable or at ease about tomorrow.

But,  I will be there bright and early, ready to be poked, prodded, and exercised.  Hopefully, all will be good again.

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