Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alone with myself

I have a place in my mind that I go, very often.  It is a place that fits my needs and that I am familiar with.  Everything is as I want it and I am comfortable and safe.  In control.  Every night, before I go to sleep, my mind goes to this place of serenity.  It relaxes me and helps me go to sleep.  No matter how the day went or how I feel, this trip to my comfortable place is a guarantee of sleep.

Some times I build a house in my mind, other times I modify a truck for a specific purpose.  Sometimes I work in my garden, or just ride my ATV around my property to make sure all is secure.  If you are interested, my house is made of steel reinforced concrete and is easy to heat and cool.  It is a small house, 1000 square feet, with one bedroom, one bath, a living room and a kitchen.  The doors are braced from the inside for security against intruders.  I also have an outside kitchen for summer cooking and canning.  I use solar and wind turbines to make electricity.  No connections to civilization.  No cable TV, no city water or sewer.  Just me and my home, secure against intruders, self sufficient, standing against the onslaught of evil.

It seems, more and more, I seek refuse in my comfortable, safe place.  I wonder if others with Dementia have this escape too.  I have never told anyone about this until now.  Why, I don't know.

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