Thursday, August 30, 2012


I notice more and more that I get agitated, and angry at the drop of a hat.  Tonight my wife was listening to silly ring tone samples on her IPAD.  That should not have invoked anger or frustration in me, they were funny, but I got agitated and angry over the noise.  This seems to be happening more and more.  A few days ago I was putting up the storm covers for the windows for the first time.  I got screaming angry over the problems installing them.  Again, I would not have had this problem a few years ago.

So, I went to WEB MD to check the LBD symptoms and there they were.  Agitation and anger.  Now that does not make controlling my temper any easier, but at least my wife and I can understand why this is happening.

Today, I took down the storm covers.  Naturally this was much easier, so I attempted it myself.  Bad Idea!  I got so sweaty, tired, and unstable on my feet that I had to sit sown between windows to rest.  Now I was not rushing but just going at a slow pace.  Just the same, my body cannot deal with exertion and by the time I was done, I was panting like I had run a marathon!  Linda told me, that was the last time I did that alone.  I'd like to argue, but I know she is right.

So, that issue caused me to get upset over living in a house vice an apartment or community for people over 55 or more.   You see, we sold our home in Virginia Beach and moved into an over 55 complex to get me away from home maintenance.  When we moved to Florida to be next to the grandsons and my son and daughter in law, we bought a home because it made financial sense.  But not physical sense for me.  Again, I can rationalize the decision but I get emotionally agitated over the end product!!

So, while some people, who watch me from the outside, say that I am not getting worse, I know that I am.  And frankly, their attitude pisses me off too!  MY best friend's Mom had Lumpus.  She was a trooper and tougher than most men.  She dealt with her infirmities in a stoic manner and made the best effort not to have he disease rule her life.  At her Grand Daughter's wedding, people kept asking her how she was doing which was beginning to get to her.  I was the one who asked that question and put her over the top.  She said to me;  FINE, how are you doing!!!  I learned my lesson and never asked her again.

The moral of that story is, be honest with me.  If I seem worse, tell me, don't tell me what you think I want to hear.  Because I really don't want your platitudes or sympathy.  AS President Reagan said, there I go again!  Maybe I will take a chill pill and relax in a dark room.  

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  1. I hope you and your wife are speaking with your Dr about these symptoms.
    Hubby has these same issues brought on by his PTSD so if the symptoms are worse because of his Lewy Body I probably wouldn't notice. ;-)

    Unfortunately it's trial and error with the meds to find a combination that brings relief not only for Hubby but for me.

    Keeping you both in prayer