Saturday, July 14, 2012

A trip to the water park!

I enjoy water parks.  I like to ride the water slides.  Not the extreme ones, like the 160 foot drop, 60 mph ones, but the gentle, or even slightly fast slides with plenty of turns and drops.  I am like a kid at the water parks and have enjoyed a number of water parks with my grandsons.  Sadly, I found out last Thursday that those days are over.  We went to a park close to us here in northern Florida.  It is a park directed at the large tourist trade.  But it was nice, clean, and well ran.  But, it was built on the side of a hill!  I have never seen so many steps just to get from one ride to another.  Not to mention climbing up to the top of the slide.  To say this place was not handicap accessible would be an understatement.  Yes, I know, handicapped people don't go to water parks.  Yeas they do!  The water park in Virginia Beach IS handicap accessible!  Not all slides, but the wave pool and other places.

Just the same, I got extremely tired in quick order and had to sit and rest the rest of our stay.  I was out of breath and weak!  No, I did not have any chest pain.  I was just winded and weak.   When I got home, I could hardly walk and I had great difficulty getting out of my chair!  Now, being totally truthful, my legs and arms have been experiencing stiffness, pain, and rigidity, for the last few weeks.  But, these last few days, I have had to depend on my cane.  Of course, that makes my right arm hurt all the more.  My arms begin to shake after a short time of strain.  So yesterday, I did something I have been putting off for quite a while.  I bought a rotilator, or as some call it a walker with wheels.  It is easier on my arms and gives me better support.   Additionally, it has a seat and it has a storage compartment under the seat!!  The wheels are larger than most so it will navigate gravel and rough terrain.  OK, not an off road vehicle but more usable than a smooth tile floor model!

This is just another expected step in the progression of my disease.  Yes, I expected it, but I did not welcome it.  But, it is what it is.  By the way, my legs are still sore and stiff, now two days after the water park.   SO, the cane and walker are still in service.

While I was in the store purchasing my walker, I looked at the chairs that help you get up.  I think that will be my next purchase.


  1. Finding a place that handicapped accessible for a vacation proved/s to be a challenge for me and Hubby. I'm glad you did get to spend some time with your grandsons but sounds like the kids may have enjoyed the experience the most.

    Lewy is always making us adjust! Your walker sounds good, I'm pleased to know you are using it, Hubby never used his :/ And the new chair sounds like a great thing! Your wife will appreciate it as well as you :)

  2. Fab post and blog! I love all your pictures. Thanks for sharing these with us.

    Peppa Pig world