Saturday, July 28, 2012

Calls from friends

I have written before how telephone calls and visits from friends are the greatest boost to my mood.  Yesterday, I received a telephone call from a friend I worked with for 20 years.  He is always upbeat, encouraging, and witty.  Yesterday's call was no different.  Now Tim is dealing with his own issues looking out for the physical and emotional well being of his Mother.  Tim and his wife have been his Mother's only family support for a long time and now, as she needs even more help, they continue to be strong and steadfast.

As we talked, Tim asked me how I was doing and I told him I was doing well and that I was getting accustomed to Florida.   Tim then verbally punched me in the nose!!  He said; "Why don't you write about being better.  You sound like you are miserable!"  Well, point well taken!

But, in my defense, when I write about being unhappy or uncomfortable about my surroundings, it is because I am!  However, in Tim's defense, I have been doing better.  I do not feel as lost here in the Panhandle of Florida.  But I will not fulfill the recall on my Garmin GPS because I am afraid to be without it!  I am beginning to make some friends in the neighborhood.  A new retired couple moved into the house across the street.  I am glad to see the because they are older than me!  My next door neighbors are a great couple and they watch over us like we were their parents.

I have also joined the local Gideon's group, so I now have a Ministry to pour my energies into.  All in all, I am doing better emotionally.  Health wise, is a different story.  My medical condition reminds me of an old joke.  A fellow walks up to me and asks;  Can you lend me a thousand dollars until my brother gets better?  I reply, what does he have?  The fellow replies, AIDS!

My memory is getting worse, any exertion reduces me to a sweating, shaking, collapsed, pile of humanity.  I have had to purchase a rolotator, ( a wheeled walker) to help me get around when I am unstable and weak.  My doctor is fairly sure it is related to my LBD, but he did an EKG and discussed my issues with a Cardiologist.   Now they want me to do a stress test, just to be sure.  So, my health continues to get worse, but I am happier in my surroundings.

The bottom line is, Florida is good and I am as good as I can be!  Thar's not a bad way to be.

Please keep those calls and visits coming!  

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