Monday, July 30, 2012

Anger issues

I was reading a blog post from a care giver for a LBD patient and I read an excellent article on anger issues. This disease has numerous symptoms that come and go as fast as the weather changes in Florida.  One of these issues is anger or outbursts of anger.  I gained important insight into my own disease by reading her experiences with her husband's anger issues.

I also get angry, even elevating to rage.  Presently, I recognize that emotion and either contain it or go to bed where I am alone to let it pass.  Since 99% of my time is spent with my wife, who is my care giver, the LAST thing I want to do is explode on her.  Being a retired Navy Master Chief Gunner's Mate, she has heard me explode before and I am sorry for that.  However for a long time, I have made every effort to control my anger and contain my outbursts.  Before LBD, that was easier because I knew what I was getting angry about.  Now, anger has it's own agenda and sometimes I don't recognize it before it explodes in my brain!

My wife is still able to rein in my outbursts with various techniques ranging from calm explanations to loud demands to calm down.  All of her techniques work, so far.  Like I said, I also work very hard to be civil and in control.  I fail sometimes, but right now, I think I am doing well.

It is beneficial for me to read about other LBD sufferers issues and problems. First of all, it gives me the assurance that I am not abnormal or broken.  I am just suffering from a disease.  Second, other peoples experiences give us an insight into what will happen next.  That is very valuable when you are trying to figure out the newest issue of LBD.  Because having LBD is an on the job learning curve.  It is like being fed with a fire hose.  There is little information out there and most GP's don't even know what it is.  So, the sufferer and care taker are on their own, especially in the middle of the night when a new problem pops up.

To my fellow bloggers, thanks for being there!

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