Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No elective surgery

I believe I have written about the possibility of me getting the surgery to solve my Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disease (GERD).  I have taken Proton Pump Inhibitors for 30 years!  They work but I would and my wife would like me off of the meds.  They have some side effects.  I had the first test, and it was a doosey!  The ran some type of device through my nose and into my throat to test the closing of my esophagus valves.  I now know why they wanted my stomach empty!  I gaged, did the dry heaves, and in general spent 20 minutes in misery!!

Then, during a normally scheduled appointment with my neurologist, I asked him if having this surgery, which requires General Anesthesia, was advisable.  He said, NO.  He also said, all elective surgeries were out.  Emergency surgery is OK.  Nice to know.

So, today, I called the doctor's office that was planning other tests and the pending surgery and told them I would not be having the surgery or other tests.  They sounded disappointed!  I guess they had a new car or an extension on their homes planned!

The neurologist said that general anesthesia has a high possibility of making dementia worse.  In other words, it may speed the progression of the disease by a jump!  He said he had seen it numerous times and really recommended against it.  So, the moral of the story for us with Dementia is, emergency surgery only!



  1. Silverfox,

    I possted an entry on your entry that precedes this one. I am new to commenting.

  2. I was concerned about the surgery or more importantly the anesthesia. I'm glad your Dr was forthright in the side effects of it. I have read about more declines in dementia when a loved one has to have anesthesia. There are a lot of times when lewy has a bounce back from illness and such but rarely with anesthesia. I wish for you there was another option for the relief of your GERD.