Sunday, June 3, 2012


Yesterday was a good day and a rough day all balled up into one.  We all went to the shooting range in Santa Rosa County.  It is a good facility that continues to improve.  We went with the entire extended family.  Of course, there were a few "New Shooters" that needed and wanted my instruction in safe fire arms operation.  They all did very well and I truly enjoyed the day.  It is good for me to get out and do things that I truly love and shooting is one of them.

After the shooting event, I decided I wanted to go to a local gun store that is relatively close to the range.  My wonderful wife agreed and we followed our GPS to the store.  When I got to the store, I was completely lost and did not know what I was there for.   We went into the store and I walked around, looked at some guns and accessories, but I really did not know what I was doing.  I had a disconnected conversation with one of the store employees.  Now this store has very friendly employees and they love to talk guns.  Well, I could not even remember the make of the new shotgun I bought!  I was truly lost and disconnected.

When we got home, my wife and I discussed the days events.  She told me she also noticed my memory issues.  No kidding, a blind man on a galloping horse could have seen that!  The store employee knew something was wrong.  But my wife brought out the highs and lows of the day in contrast.  She told me and I agreed, that I was on a high during the three hours at the range.  I was instructing very clearly and I was on point following safety rules.  I even did some marksmanship training that got the shooters on target.  Then, I ate an energy bar and I aspirated some of it.  I spent quite a few minutes coughing, choking, and having problems breathing.  We left right after that.  And that lead to the low of the gun store.  I spent the remainder of the day resting and recuperating.

The point is,  When I experience a good period of time that expends a lot of energy, I almost always drop off mentally to some very low lows.  Sine my wife understands that, she expects this to happen and she is ready for it. I forget it is the new norm and it upsets me.

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  1. That is wonderful that your wife is aware of this pattern and able to help you to see it. No matter how hard we try to monitor ourselves, there are going to be slips when we use a brain that is deteriorating trying to monitor our brains. Thank God for family and friends who can see, and lovingly point out to us, what we miss.