Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Latest visit to the Neurologist

Yesterday, I had my latest visit to my new neurologist.  I am beginning to think that if the Neurologist did not diagnose you with LBD, they don't believe you are sick.  That coupled with his attitude of, the drugs work, sort of, so what are you complaining about, lead me to believe I would be better getting my drugs from a corner Unlicensed Pharmaceutical Salesman!  Honestly, do these people understand what compassion, care, and concern are as it applies to their patients?   I have honestly had my fill.

On another note, I did get some, offhand advice from this quack.  I was considering having the reflux disease surgery done.  I have been on Nexium and it's relatives for 30 years!  I really would like to stop taking that pill.  I seems that maybe the surgery has a good track record.  I have seen the surgeon that does this surgery here and I am undergoing the preliminary tests.  So, I asked my Neurologist if General Anesthesia is a good idea for me.  He acted like I was asking him the meaning of Life!!  But, with some prompting, he finally said, elective surgery is not a good idea because it MIGHT cause me to go further into dementia.  He actually said he has seen this in other patients.  His attitude was; "Other Patients that are really sick", but that's my read of his attitude.  So, in any case, I probably won't have the surgery.  However, my wife wants me to complete the testing, just in case it reveals that this is more than elective surgery.  I agree with her.

I had the first teat today.  They ran a tube with sensors in it down my nose, into my throat to measure the closing of my lower valve in my esophagus.  Boy, was that a terrible event! The tube, through my nose, down my throat, caused me to gag, dry heave, and choke, all at once.  I finally settled down and completed the test.  No wonder they wanted my stomach empty.  They knew what was going to happen.  In any case, that is a test I won't have again!

So, the medical profession continues to depress me.  All that schooling and they have the personality of a bent shit can!!

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