Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being with others helps and hurts!

Today, my wife went to do water aerobics and left me at home.  I enjoy these brief periods alone.  Well, alone with my constant companion, my miniature poodle named Marcel.  I any case, I was thinking, reflecting, accessing, and in general, doing a mental inventory of where I am.  I quickly slipped into a quiet mood.  I was comfortable, not worried or threatened, and also not particularly connected to the world around me.  My mind was on my Navy days and I was happy.

When Marcel let me know that my wife was home, I was jarred back into the present.  I had to interact with her.  I had to answer and ask questions, pay attention to her replies, and help her with packages.  While it is an effort for me to be engaged with people, I believe it is good for me.  I believe that, without that human contact, I would quickly slip into a malaise that would overcome me.

Just the same, I enjoy the quiet of being alone and I enjoy being in that comfortable place in my mind.  So you see, it is my interface with people that keeps my dementia at bay.  That and all the drugs I take.  But, I did read an article on the Lewy Body Dementia website that the Alzheimer's drugs, Namenda and Arercept, taken early in the disease, have a great effect for a longer period of time.  So, people and medicines keep me going.  More to come.

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  1. Hi! My name is Ellie, and i'm from the UK. My dad was also diagnosed with LBD in 2009, and I have never known anyone else to have the disease. As we don't seem to have been told anything about what to expect with this form of dementia, it wonderful to find this blog! We are often baffled by the progression of the disease and the complicated symptoms my father experiences. He often slips into periods of deep thought and sleeps a lot - despite our protests he often would prefer to stay in and relax rather than be dragged around with us. I find it reassuring that when he is in these periods, he may be in 'happy places' as you describe. He has also recently experienced left sided muscle weakness which I believe you mention in an earlier entry. I hope you continue to write this blog because from my entirely selfish point of view it's such a relief to know I am not alone, and I hope to be able to relate to my dad more effectively by getting an insight into what is going on inside his head through your entries. So thank you :))) Also, my father is known as the silverfox too!