Friday, May 11, 2012

What is a "Big Deal" in your life today?

I was sitting on the couch this morning trying to remember if I had gone to the bath room this morning.  Maybe not a big deal for you but a big deal for me.  Since I only have half of my colon from a previous surgery, I am very concerned about getting constipated.

Another "Big Issues" is, did I take my pills?  My wife manages my medicines and places them in an organized pill box.  They are organized by day and time.  But, some times I forget to take them.  Naturally, this is a big issue medically.  But it is also a big deal for my independence.  If I loose the ability to take my meds on time, I will feel even more diminished.

We find that as our disease progresses, little things become big issues.  Issues that upset us when we miss them.  For instance, I forget to zip up my fly when I get dressed!  It's not a big deal for others since I always wear my shirts out.  But, it annoys me.  As my Dad aged he told me; "It's no big deal if you forget to zip you fly.  It is a big deal if you zip you fly before you are done."  Ouch!

Other issues are forgetting the last time I took a shower.  Days seem to blend together so I loose track of what I did on what day.  Annoying!  I never forget to eat.  That is not an issue yet.  Planning events annoys me.  I hate to plan and for the most part, I don't want to go when the planned date comes up.  If we just GO somewhere, I am much better.

Another big annoyance is our budget.  My wife runs the daily budget and has forever.  She is great at it and as a career Navy man, I was gone so much that it was the best choice.  That being said, I always kept up and we discussed the budget often.  Now, any mention of the budget sends me into a rage!

So, these are just a few of my issues, but I am interested in yours.  So, comment on this post and let everyone know that their issues are normal for those of us dealing with LBD.

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