Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Suicide is NOT the way out.

Today we heard of the tragic apparent suicide of NFL super star Junior Seau.  Some of the reports I have read tell of Mr. Seau being depressed and talk about the possibility of hi having dementia related to his NFL career.  Additionally, other NFL players have recently committed suicide recently.  And they were diagnosed with dementia.

Now, it has already bee proven that repeated head injuries, as one would experience during a career as an NFL player.  So the idea that Mr. Seau might have dementia caused by his career is not a far stretch.  But the real topic of this post is suicide.

When someone is diagnosed with a terminal disease, they go through all the steps of grief, at once!  And I can understand while someone is is deep in the throws of "Why Me".  While they are contemplating just how terrible the future may be, they might experience the desire to "end it all now" instead of going through the torture that may be ahead.    But suicide is NOT the way out!  Why?  In my view, I can only terminate what I have initiated!  I can trade a car if I bought the car.  I can sell a house, if I bought the house.  But, I did not GIVE myself LIFE!  GOD did.  Therefore, I do not have the right to kill myself.

Life is a precious gift.  It is wonderful and wondrous!  In the Book of Psalms we are told that we are "wondrously made in our Mother's womb".  Psalm 139 also tells us that; "All the days of our life are written in GOD's book before we are formed in our Mother's womb."  If GOD made us and planned our life, I do not have the right to take my life.

Also, if GOD know all that will happen in my life, then HE is not surprised about my medical condition.  If then, my condition was planned, then GOD has a plan for me to live with this disease or diseases, for as long as I am scheduled to live!  I wrote once before that LBD will not shorten my life.  I will live as long as GOD originally planned for me to live.  Not one day longer or shorter than that.

My Dad used to tell me, on the back of your Birth Certificate is your Death Certificate.  But the Death Certificate is written in invisible ink.  He was right!  And that is what I will live by.

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