Friday, May 11, 2012

I have to get this off my chest!

On my Navy Blog, "The Master Chief's Lair" I have written about my family situation and my my parents who raised me. I really had an idea situation growing up.  My Mom and Dad loved me and nurtured me and I am who I am because of the foundation they built.  GOD blessed me with my parents.  I was also blessed to have my biological Mother in my life.  She also loved me and did her best in every way.  I have said it before and I will repeat myself here;  My Mother was a very brave woman, carrying a child out of wedlock to term.  In 1951, that was not accepted in polite society and most women who found themselves in this condition were "sent away" until after the birth.  Her bravery gave me life.  She could have just as easily killed me!  I am proud of her and her courage.

All this being said, there is one issue that makes me feel empty, unwanted, and incomplete.  That is the lack of connection to my biological Father and his family.  Yes, I know that I represent his actions that he would have rather forgot.  But, I am not forgot, I am here and 61 years old.  Since I was diagnosed with LBD, the need to contact my "other" family has grown even stronger.  I did talk to my biological Father twice before he died.  But he was not happy to hear from me.  He died in the 1990's as did my Mother.  My biological Father had a son, born a few months after me and names the same as me, I called him once and we briefly talked, but he has rejected any contact since then.  I would dearly like to meet him.

Additionally, my biological Mother had three other children, another boy and two girls.  I do not know where any of these siblings are either.   Nor do I even know where to start finding them.  But again, I would love to meet them.

Again, I was blessed to be raised, loved, nurtured by my Parents.  Since this is Mother's Day weekend, it is fitting that I honor my Mom for the sacrifices she made for me.  I still hear her voice, listen to her lessons, and remember her loving touch, even though she passed away in 1976.  Mom was very special and I love her, even more today.  But, I would love to complete the circle by meeting my other siblings.  I guess that is my wish.

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