Thursday, May 17, 2012

How LBD effects my wife

I admit that I write a lot about how LBD effects me.  But I don't think I have ever written about the effects of LBD on my wife.

There is the obvious issues that effect a full time caregiver.  I must admit I am not always the most cooperative patient!  For instance, I don't like to drink water!  Coffee, beer, even soda, but not water.  She on the other hand, knows the health benefits of water.  But, I resist because I don't like the taste of water.  There are other worries, like me wandering, or me over exerting myself, or my excessive picking of my fingers.  But there are other issues I just never thought about, until now.

We are best friends and enjoy spending time together.  Now, I am not as engaged as I once was.  I loose track of conversations, get lost in my replies, and loose the ability to express myself because I loose words.  I have fears and get angry when I make a mistake doing what I always did before.   And I also have great fear discussing the budget and really do not like the mention of money, budgets, or future plans at all!  So, she has really lost her partner in these areas.  Now I am not always lost in my responses of angry.  But these issues are happening more and more.

I see her worry in the way she treats me and how she cares for me.  But I also sense her frustration.  I understand that frustration.  However, try as I may, I really can't help her with her frustration or her worry.  So, in many ways, she is alone also.  Our son helps, but he is facing his own issues.

So, as the patient, I must understand how my disease effects her.  Maybe I should be more in tune to that in the future.

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