Thursday, May 17, 2012

The hardest part of moving to Florida

OK, we have been in Florida for 6 months.  My GP who was a very compassionate and perceptive doctor, told me that the move would negatively effect me.  He was right and I have written about the effects of this move before.  But, recently I have actually realized the most negative impact of the move.  You see, I have many friends in the Tidewater area that are my support group.  They have helped me in ways that are too many to describe here, before and after my diagnosis! And I have written before about how much I miss them.  But it is their absence that has the most negative impact on me.

Now, my wife is my best friend and spending our days together is wonderful.  I thank GOD for this time together, while I am still able to enjoy it.  SHe makes every effort to make my days enjoyable, relaxing, and just challenging enough.  But, I miss the friends that I served with, worked with, shot with, drank with, and shared sea stories with.  We have been here for six months and I have not made a single friend!  I volunteered twice, to work on the USS Alabama.  No reply.  We volunteered to help at a local hospital holding and rocking at risk babies.  No answer.  My Church has no uses for me, so I have no ministry, so my talents are going to waste.

I know my wife is happy here and that makes me happy.  She grew up in California near the beach.  She is a "Beach Girl" and feels at home so close to the beach.  We both enjoy being close to my son and his family.  So, my life is like a two legged milking stool.  Without that third leg, it's hard to be comfortable.  Balancing on two legs makes it difficult to be comfortable.

Just the same, I don't think I would move back to Virginia.  I am here and I have to find a balance in my life.  And, with our plans for me to move to the Armed Forces Retirement Home, this is the best location for us.  Just the same, I am lonely.  ANd that is the hardest thing for me to deal with.

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  1. I hope something a volunteer opportunity or other way for you to make new friends will come through soon. I know they won't replace the friends you have a long history with but simply be a joy in their own right. I hope you are able to use phone and internet to keep up with the friends you left behind.